City and Colour @ Paramount Theatre – September 30th 2017

Dallas Green has been touring with City and Colour for a few years now with their latest album “If I Should Go Before You” and tonight is the final date of the entire tour cycle. The Paramount Theatre is a beautiful venue, with a capacity of nearly 3,000 seats and nearly every single one was full.

City and Colour gently started their set with “Sensible Heart” from their 2007 album, Bring Me Your Love and followed up with their latest tracks getting the whole band involved. After the crowd had warmed up their vocal cords, Dallas requested everyone get up out their seat and dance like no one was watching to their classic track “Waiting”. As the set continued, people felt more inclined to keep dancing and embracing each other whilst being serenaded by the Canadian’s gentle voice.

After walking off the stage from an emotional “As Much As I Ever Could”, the audience cheered for an encore. Dallas then took to the stage by himself and an acoustic guitar prepping for the finale tracks “Little Hell”, “Comin’ Home” (including an Alexisonfire cover) and “No Ordinary Love”.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until City and Colour are back again but I feel like we might see Dallas in his other band, Alexisonfire, in the near future.

Photos © Lukas Holt of Holt Productions

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