Collective Soul @ Hard Rock Casino Vancouver – June 20th 2015

Collective Soul @ Hard Rock Casino Vancouver © Jamie Taylor

Ed Roland of Collective Soul is the main reason I love this band.

I mean the whole band came out and each delivered a well-balanced, well-synced set. They each contributed to the songs and in the end without any one of them, it wouldn’t have been as good as it was, but Ed is the extra on top. He is the piece that makes them great to watch and experience live. He works the stage with his spastic movements and just oozes rockstar ever step he takes.

By the end of the set I was in love with their live performance. I missed them the last time they were in my area, but that will not happen again. As long as Ed and team can pump out the hits like they did last night, then I will be eagerly waiting their return.

Set list from last night (taken from

Precious Declaration
Better Now
Are You the Answer
You Took All My Money
The World I Know
Why, Pt. 2
Counting the Days
Where the River Flows
Comes Back to You

The photos didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped. The lighting seemed constant, but the slightest change jumped me from 1600 ISO to 5000 ISO. In the quick second it took me to adjust it would be back again.

To add to that Ed seemed to love to use his mic as a facial block. Very few of my shots actually had his face clearly framed. The ones below are the only once where he wasn’t “eating” the mic.

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