Photo Gallery: Crown The Empire + Volumes @ The 1720 – December 19th 2021

Any concert in LA is going to be amazing. However, if you want a venue that brings you close to a bunch of other rock loving strangers, the definitely check out 1720. The 1720 is a little hole in the wall building in a fairly sketchy looking area, but honestly, it’s great. Once you’re inside you can’t help but know the show is going to be amazing.

Volumes, an American metalcore band based in Los Angeles, California. The band consist of Michael Barr (vocals), Myke Terry (vocals), Raad Soudani (bass and programing), and Nick Ursich (drums). Now, this band really knows how to put on a show. It was hard to keep track of every member, but can’t complain for top tier entertainment. The interactions and the overall vibes they gave off were just amazing. You can tell just based on performance, they really enjoy what they do and will continue to make music for many more years. Don’t miss out on any future performances from Volumes.

Crown The Empire, an American metalcore band formed in 2012 from Dallas, Texas. Forming this band is Andrew “Andy Leo” Rockhold (vocals), Brandon Hoover (lead guitar and backing vocals), Hayden Tree (bass and backing vocals), and Brent Taddie (drums). Within the first song, there were so many crowd surfers. All the photographers in the pit had to make sure to stay safe and not get kicked. Andy was also concerned with the pit and tried his best to help when he could. Once the pit cleared though, that’s when Andy encourage the crowd to buy shots and surf up to hand them to him. A few people actually did what he asked and without fail, he took them with his bandmates. Crown The Empire is and will always be one of my favorite bands. I look forward to seeing them perform again.

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