Curren$y @ The Pressroom – December 18th 2015

Curren$y @ The Pressroom – December 18th 2015

New Orleans Underground rapper came to Phoenix this weekend to a packed house.

DJ Dufffy kept the crowd warm, then Spitta runs out blunt in hand screaming “WHAT’S UP ARIZONAAAA”???

As he performed it became clear to him that by the 3rd song his TRUE FANS were in the building.

Singing line for line, ad-libs and pauses from not only his new cd Canal Street Confidential, but from songs that where on 2008 mixtapes or you tube clips.

They loved his show and he gave the love back by, giving pinky pounds, accepting drinks and lit blunts from different people in the crowd (although I never seen him drink or smoke anything handed to him).

The Pressroom is a great place to really get to know an artist. You can get close enough to our favor performer without being over whelming like an area.

The security was on point, a few knuckleheads had a little too much and were asked to leave. AHAH

I did have a small issue with my camera, I blame it on the lighting or my knock-off battery pack.

I’ll investigate that later this week. I would highly recommend checking out Curren$y & Jetlife work.

Here’s his discography.

• This Ain’t No Mixtape
• Jet Files
• Pilot Talk
• Pilot Talk II
• Covert Coup (with The Alchemist)
• Weekend at Burnie’s
• Jet World Order (with Jet Life)
• Muscle Car Chronicles (with Sean O’Connell)
• The Stoned Immaculate
• Jet World Order 2 (with Jet Life)
• Pilot Talk III
• Canal Street Confidential

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