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Dan Deacon + Prince Rama @ The Electric Owl – May 7th 2015

I arrived at the Dan Deacon show not knowing much about him or his opening act Prince Rama, but I left feeling like I now know them intimately.

When Prince Rama hit the stage all 3 members were wearing spandex tights with neon green striping, very similar to a Monster Energy Drinks can. Which wasn’t by coincidence, they actually have a song about Monster Energy Drinks and their stickers on instruments. Their teased hair and rock and roll presence was a sight to behold and admire.

Dan Deacon was absolutely amazing. He wasn’t just an electronic musician who sat behind his equipment with his head down. He started the show by chatting to the crowed, he even had us humorously sing happy birthday to 2 people in attendance and coordinated a dance off between the birthday boy/girl. His whole performance was very active and amazing.

Dan Deacon

Prince Rama

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