Danny Brown + ZelooperZ @ The Vogue Theatre - October 6th 2016
Danny Brown + ZelooperZ @ The Vogue Theatre - October 6th 2016

Photo Gallery: Danny Brown + ZelooperZ @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – October 6th 2016

American hip hop recording artist from Detroit, Danny Brown, stormed through Vancouver last night.

His current tour is in support of his latest album, 2016’s Atrocity Exhibition, which has seen this artist grow into something much more then a hip hop head, something more visceral and experimental.

I haven’t seen Brown live since 2015, and in that time he has definitely matured his stage show.

He brings a great level of aggressive energy, but now it seems more calculated and less chaotic.

The production value of the stage setup was bigger and brighter, with more lights and more strobes and way, way more stage smoke.

I loved the overall performance, and can’t wait for another opportunity to see him again.

Fellow Detroit recording artist ZelooperZ opened the night. His set was raucous and invigorating. He stirred up the crowd, and had them panting for more in anticipation for the headliner. In my eyes that is the perfect type of opening slot holder, one that leaves the crowd ready to go mental.

Near the end of his set he leaped over the fence at the front of the stage and instigated a mosh pit, a real highlight of the entire evening.

I really enjoyed the whole night. Thank you to all the musicians involved.

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