Day 2 of Fvded In The Park @ Holland Park – July 4th 2015

Danny Brown at Day 2 of Fvded In The Park @ Holland Park – July 4th 2015

The Weeknd
the weeknd at fvded in the park holland park surrey july 4 2015 cartoon drawing

A drawing of The Weeknd at Fvded In The Park.

You may be wondering why we are using a drawing of The Weeknd, as opposed to a real photo. Well there were certain issues attaining access to shoot Abel at Fvded in the Park. After battling the eager crowds to try out 3 different vantage points, I was told each time by various staff I was not able to shoot from where I had setup shop. This was strange as I had been shooting from these points in the crowd throughout the entire festival. In a bout of frustration and some heat-induced exhaustion, I chose to leave the grounds. I know many visitors will be coming here to find some great shots of The Weeknd, but in this instance I have let you down. I hope we are able to get some great shots of Able for you in the near future. I apologize in advance for my poor MS Paint skills, the Weeknd deserves better.

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