Day 3 @ Hopscotch Music Festival – September 12th 2015

Day 3, and the final night of the Hopscotch Music Festival, brought a bit of country flavor to City Plaza. The evening’s headliners included performances by local Raleigh alt-country rockers American Aquarium, the legendary X, and the pioneering singer-songwriter Dwight Yoakam. X, the Los Angeles-based punk band, mix in influences that include country and rockabilly. Part of creating that sound is the guitar work of Billy Zoom. Sadly Billy is battling cancer and has been unable to tour with the band, so Jesse Dayton has been enlisted to fill the void and he did an admirable job of channelling the spirit of Billy Zoom. Dwight Yoakam has a history of being a bit camera-shy on the stage and his performance at Hopscotch was no exception. Photographers were informed that they would not be allowed up front to shoot the show and minutes before Dwight took the stage, an announcement was made asking all credentialed photographers in the crowd to pack up their gear and not take any photos. The wishes of the artist were respected and no photos from his show have been included in the coverage below.

The upside to Dwight’s anti-photographer stance is that it allowed an earlier start on wandering off from the main stage to catch some of the other bands playing in venues around town. Highlights from the evening shows included Prurient at Fletcher Opera Theater, the small town country sounds of River Whyless, an inspired set from Porches, and a second performance by Las Rosas who had inspired during a day party at Slims on the second day of the festival.

Check out the coverage from the final day below:

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