Hopscotch Music Fest 2017 - Day 3
Hopscotch Music Fest 2017 - Day 3

Photo Gallery: Day 3 @ Hopscotch Music Festival – September 9th 2017

Saturday continued the run of perfect weather as Hopscotch hit its stride on Day 3. With the festival in full swing and work out of the way for most wristband holders, the day parties and venues were noticeably fuller earlier in the day and consistently crowded through the evening performances. We started our day at Kings for the Orange County Social Club & Merge Records party where we caught H.C. McEntire. We had managed to miss Mount Moriah at Ruby Deluxe on Friday, so catching the Mount Moriah frontwoman’s (almost) solo set was high on our list! Heather did not disappoint as she delivered a more intimate take on Mount Moriah’s southern gothic alt-country tunes, as well as previewing what we can expect on the musical horizon from the talented singer/songwriter. Next up at Kings was Escape-ism, the solo project of Ian Svenonius, the wild frontman of The Make-Up. With the Make-up creating such a memorable experience from the City Plaza stage on Friday night, the opportunity to catch Ian Svenonius, on his own in a small club was simply irresistible. The man is raw chaotic energy! Backed only with a guitar, drum machine, and an old school cassette player, Svenonius proceeded to blow the roof off of Kings. The man is the definition of the word “performer.” The Escape-ism set was primal, confrontational, and utterly beguiling. With a tip of the hat to the influential and often antagonistic shows of Suicide back in their 70’s heyday, this one man rock ’n’ roll group is an experience not to miss! We are eagerly awaiting the Escape-ism debut album due to be released on Merge Records this fall.

Still buzzing from the shows at Kings, it was off to Red Hat Amphitheater to catch Flock Of Dimes, the solo effort of Jenn Wasner, best known as the singer and lead guitarist of Baltimore’s Wye Oak. Playing completely solo, Jenn delivered a bright and shiny collection of indie pop at its most charming. It was hard to tell who was smiling more, Jenn, or the crowd peppered with hometown friends and fans. Following Flock of Dimes, we meandered around a bit catching sets by the Veldt and Body Games before returning to Red Hat to catch Tei Shi. The stage moniker of Colombian and Canadian indie pop singer-songwriter, Valerie Teicher, Tei Shi performed a solid set of sensual indie synth-pop centered around songs form her debut album Crawl Space. Her stage presence and breezy vocals were well received by the early evening crowd and made for a soothing transition into what would be a wild rest of the evening.

From Tei Shi, things got noticeably wilder. We made our way to City Plaza to catch Big Boi. The Southern rapper and founding member of Outkast with André “3000” Benjamin, shook the plaza and got the crowd up and moving. After Big Boi jump-started our energy levels, it was off to the Pour House where we camped for the rest of Saturday Night. Starting with the empowerment, authentic outrage, and DIY punk ethic of local trio Pie Face Girls, the evening ratcheted up the energy and adrenaline levels. The Coke Dares played a wild set of rock n’ roll churned out in condensed short songs played with a punk rock intensity. Think of the Ramones playing blues rock… Speaking of the Ramones, their fellow CBGBs alumni, Richard Lloyd of Television followed the Coke Dares. Starting with “Marquee Moon” from Television’s debut album, his hypnotic playing provided a slight breather before Cherry Glazzer closed out the evening by igniting the tired and sweaty capacity crowd with a wildly intense performance that crackled with energy.

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Day 3 @ Hopscotch Music Festival – September 9th 2017