Nick Hexum of 311

Photo Gallery: Dirty Heads + 311 @ White River Amphitheatre – August 18th 2019

Summer Vibes Aplenty

Jared Watson of Dirty Heads

When I cover shows at White River they’re usually beer-soaked, pyro filled cacophonies. Yet, here I am writing about an upbeat concert where the crowd was relaxed, the bands were energetic, but not confrontational, and there was more smoke in the air than beer cans overflowing from trash cans. Then again how could someone not be in a good mood when they’re spending a beautiful Summer Sunday evening with 311 and Dirty Heads.

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The beauty of concerts is that it can be used to forget all of the daily nuisances, allowing us to live in the moment for a few hours. With 311’s message of unity and Dirty Heads breezy, good energy, it was easy to let go and get lost in the music. It was a great night of music, positivity, and worth every penny.

Dirty Heads



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