DMX @ The Pressroom – August 19th 2016


Phoenix AZ welcomed back DMX after nine long years.

It was an exciting night with long lines and frenzied fans. The kind of fans that are in their forties and remember the dog at his peak, when X had the world in the palm of his hands; platinum albums, big budget music videos, and block buster movies.

DMX and The Ruff Rider’s started the motorcycle-and-pit-bulls lifestyle that is still going strong today.

The night began with a short meet and greet. Then, after a few local opening acts, there was X.

“Where my dogs at???”, he screamed; followed by growling and barking at the crowd. There was no slowing him down either, running through hit after hit. He even dropped down and did about fifty push ups on his knuckles. He gave a brief apology for what happened that got him banned from AZ in the first place and why he had to cancel a previous show in the area.

DMX really seemed to enjoy his night in Arizona, joking with the crowd about there and his increasing ages.

He talked about his jail time and god, and as every DMX fan knows he ends his shows with a prayer. Put your cell phones or lighters up, and start singing “Somebody Let Me Know”.

It was a great show can’t wait for him to come back.

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