Martina Sorbara of Dragonette

Photo Gallery: Dragonette + Young Empires @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – December 11th 2015

Dragonette is one of… those bands.

You know the ones.

They always have something on the radio, you never really think about it. You hear that they are have a show in town, its somewhere you always go (love you, Vogue!) and you suggest it to your friends. Everyone nods! “Dragonette,” they say. “Should be decent.” More assent, probably over a drink. Easy decisions are easy! And the tickets are reasonable! The night arrives, you’re pleasantly surprised by the opening acts (Dirty Radio and Young Empires, respectively) and then it hits you: Dragonette has way more songs than you remember. Awesome, catchy, how-did-I-forget-this songs. Have they always been this good? You’d remember, wouldnt you? Why were you not more excited for this? Everyone in on the packed floor knew. Or, appeared to know…

You know. One of those bands.

“Let It Go.” “Hello.” “Live In This City…” I will be completely honest with this: I had no idea “Outlines” was Dragonette. Fine, with Mike Mago, whatever, but still! Added bonus. I also appreciate “Pick Up The Phone.”

There was some ridiculous value at the Vogue Friday night. If you missed it, well… Here are some photos. Enjoy!

Jason Martin is a non-professional, semi-enthusiast Canadian photographer who owns a camera, likes music, italics and quotation marks. He also has twitter and instagram, good luck finding them without links!

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