Dreamcar + Superet @ The Fonda Theatre – August 13th 2017

After arriving at The Fonda I walked into one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever seen. There was enough space for an overflowing crowd and the walls were beautifully designed. Opening the show was rock band Superet who was very unique to say the least. Starting off their set with their recent release “Who Is This Guy”? Superet was rocking, and dancing across the stage especially the groups lead singer. I believe the group also played Pay It Later which has interesting vocals and a strong drum presence throughout the song. Because Superet is still a fresh band there is not too much information released about them, but that does not stop the crowd from enjoying their set. The entire audience clapped and danced throughout the thirty minutes or so that the band played and we’re definitely bummed that they didn’t have an album out yet, but we are all looking forward to the future of Superet’s music career.

When DJ Khaled released “I’m The One” featuring multiple artists on a single track everyone was in awe that someone could pull together a variation of people to complete one of the most popular songs in the world. Unfortunately for Mr. Khaled Dreamcar one upped him in the music scene. Not only does Dreamcar feature a supergroup lineup, a big hit titled “Kill For Candy”, and a groovy self titled album this band draws in killer crowds to every show. Fronted by Davey Havok (best known for his work in AFI), Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal, and Adrian Young (the trio comes from No Doubt) follow in strong presence on guitar, bass, and drums.

Driving up to The Fonda in Los Angeles I changed up my usual routine of not listening to the bands playing that night in order to invent more surprises for the live show, but there was something about Dreamcar that told me I needed to do the opposite that Sunday night. So, I cranked up the band’s self titled album and jammed for forty five minutes really enjoying tracks like “All Of The Dead Girls”, “Don’t Let Me Love”, and “Show Me Mercy”. The reason why I’m glad I did was because Dreamcar and their album have two things in common the band members and the lyrics. That’s it. The sound is not the same. Now I know what you’re thinking, how is it the sound is not the same? The album seems like a very down tuned version as opposed to what happens live in concert. And this is the first time I’ve felt this way about a band before. It’s not a negative comment either. The album is super enjoyable and is easy listening for anyone, but it is no Dreamcar live show. Until you’ve seen Young beat the drums with a piercing smile, Dumont playing his guitar and grooving, Kanal jumping, smiling, and interacting with the crowd and Havok… Where do I start with Havok? Havok is one of the best frontmen I’ve ever seen. Whether Havok sung his own music such as “After I Confessed”, “On The Charts”, “Do Nothing”, and “Slip On The Moon”, or a fantastic cover like “Just What I Needed” he was a joy to watch dance, and sing as the crowd was overwhelmed with amazement. A highlight of the show came when Havok decided to embrace the crowd quite literally towards the end of the bands set when he jumped into a circle of girls and guys and sung “All The Dead Girls” which had the entire crowd singing at the top of their lungs and pulling Havok every which way. The group ended their set with two encore songs one was a cover from Inxs titled “Don’t Change” and then the group played their final song for the night “Kill For Candy”. Overall it was an amazing show with a great stage performance coming from all natural talent.

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