Al Barr of Dropkick Murphys

Photo Gallery: Dropkick Murphys + Clutch @ WAMU Theater – October 15th 2019

Halfway to St Patrick’s Day

Another year and another fantastic show from Boston’s Dropkick Murphys, a band who needs little introduction, with enough swagger to make a boxer blush. After almost a quarter of a century honing their craft and kicking ass, they’ve grown a dedicated fan base. Year after year they play Seattle and the city responds with love and adoration, dancing their asses off on Tuesday, far from the pagentry of St. Patrick’s Day.

Clutch came along for the ride, mixing up the raucous energy with good vibes and badass rhythms. This is a band that doesn’t need to or care about impressing anybody, every time I’ve been lucky enough to catch them live they sound amazing and captivate the crowd. They’re the strange stoner cousin of all genres of hard rock who gets along with everyone and just wants to have a good time. Kings of their own path who invite you to stroll with them for a bit, because they’re headed that way and you should really go on this journey.

Pissed off and pedal down is the only way to describe the music of Hatebreed. Their music and live show are best summed up with the title of their song “Destroy Everything”. Their raw aggression demands your attention, while the intensity of their brand of hardcore pummels you into something leaner and ready to stand up for yourself.

Dropkick Murphys



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