Echo and the Bunnymen @ Commodore Ballroom – September 24th 2016

Echo & The Bunnymen are one of the more underrated post-punk/new-wave bands to come out of the UK in the early ’80s. Their songs appeared on some popular film soundtracks in that decade, but it seems that they didn’t get the same mainstream success in North America as some of their peers.

I think that their songs hold up very well 30 years later, and it was a treat to see them live. The lighting was kept dark throughout the entire concert which added to the mood of the songs, but did make photographing the band a bit challenging.

Lead singer Ian McCulloch spoke to the crowd a few times, and during the encore “personalized” the chorus of Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side”, replacing the familiar place names with Vancouver, and also a nod to the band’s Liverpool roots with “walk on the Merseyside”.

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