Ella Fence @ Canadian Music Week ©Wally Graves 2016
©Wally Graves 2016

Ella Fence @ Canadian Music Week – May 6th 2016

People often ask me why I go to Canadian Music Week.  The answer is simple.  I go to experience great music.  It is also a great way to expand your musical taste.  Canadian Music Week provides a wide variety of live acts not only from Canada but from all over the world.  While I was attending an invite only event called “rooftop hang at the porch” a musician introduced herself to me.  Her name was Ella Fence and she was from Australia.  This was her first time in Toronto and she was here as part of the Australian Showcase that was taking place at a few venues in Toronto.

As we exchanged business cards she encouraged me to go see her play at one of the venues.  Later on that night Ella sent me an email with a few links and the times she was playing at.  After watching her video of her single Unknown Water I knew that this girl had talent.  In her bio section of her website there are three words that describe her. Endearing. Alluring. Captivating.  I definitely have to agree with this statement.

I encourage you to click on the links that I provided.  You too may become an instant believer in her music.

Ella Fence

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