Filthy Friends + Dressy Bessy @ Cats Cradle Back Room – May 19th 2019

Indie rock supergroup Filthy Friends have returned with their sophomore album, Emerald Valley, recently released on Kill Rock Stars.  The album, the follow-up to 2017’s Invitation, has been garnering generally favorable reviews from fans and critics alike.  With the release still somewhat in its infancy, the band have been joined by fellow indie rockers Dressy Bessy and hit the road for a celebratory May US tour. We caught them at Cats Cradle in Carrboro NC as they were reaching the midpoint of the tour.

Opening the evening fell to Denver-based Dressy Bessy.  The band fronted by red-headed spitfire Tammy Ealom, including guitarist John Hill and drummer Craig Gilbert, filled out their live sound with the addition of a touring bass player… And filled out it was indeed!  The band sounded strong and vital and put on a Hell of a performance as they played through a set that included songs from their upcoming Yep Roc Records release, Fast Faster Disaster, including an almost reverential cover of the Buzzcocks, “What Do I Get.”

After a brief break, Filthy Friends hit the stage, kicking off their set with “November Man,” from the new album.  The band featuring Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) on vocals, Peter Buck (R.E.M.) on guitar, Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks) on guitar, Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows) on bass, and Linda Pitmon (The Baseball Project, The Minus 5) driving the proceedings on drums, played with fire and urgency.  These were certainly not a group of musicians resting on their reputations.  They played like they were young and hungry.  The songs were propelled by Corin Tucker’s distinctive powerful vocals and Peter Buck’s guitar playing that was both familiar and fresh.  In fact, Buck seemed to have reignited an internal spark that showed in the smile on his face and the vigor with which he played.  Everyone delivered and added to the greater whole.  The entire group was tight, connected and they all looked like they were having a damn good time.  No one more so than Kurt Bloch, who spent the whole show pinballing around the stage like an over-stimulated toddler with a giant smile on his face. His joy was only surpassed by those in attendance.


November Man
The Arrival
No Forgotten Son
The Elliott
Ides October
One Flew East
Windmill (An audible call from Peter Buck, not on setlist)
Emerald Valley
Come Back Shelley
Break Me
Only Lovers are Broken

Hey Lacey
Any Kind of Crowd
Last Chance County

Filthy Friends + Dressy Bessy @ Cat’s Cradle Back Room
Photos © Dan Kulpa // Clashdan Photography

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