Foreign Beggars @ The Cobalt – November 16th 2017

UK hip hop/grime trio Foreign Beggars played their first ever Vancouver show at the Cobalt on Thursday. The gig began with ‘DJ Nonames’ kicking off with some old school drum and bass track before the two MC’s Metropolis and Orifice Vulgatron took to the stage.

The crowd were feeding off their great stage presence with several shout-backs. Halfway through the set MC Orifice Vulgatron was surprised by the reaction of the fans and how many knew their 2003 debut album “Asylum Speakers” and continued to play tracks from it. MC Metropolis then requested the whole room sit down before jumping up to one of their biggest dubstep songs featuring Noisa, “Contact”.

The night ended with MC Orifice Vulgatron crowd surfing around the room before hosting a ‘wall of death’ splitting down the middle of the venue and kicking off a mosh pit.

Photos © Lukas Holt of Holt Productions

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