Photo Gallery: Franz Ferdinand + Pow! @ The National – August 11th 2018

San Francisco’s Pow! opened the show with twice the FDA’s recommended servings of guitar feedback and synth bass awesomeness. I’ve never seen a guitarist so keen on waving their instrument around to sweep up sonic and electrical signals from around the stage whipping up all manner of, well noise. Good noise. In between all that we got a little crowd interaction alternating with the opening riff from the Addams Family, snapping fingers and all. I can’t make this up.

Franz Ferdinand followed with every bit of jumpy, leapy showmanship we’ve come to expect. Intent on making sure the audience couldn’t possibly feel left out, Alex Kapranos took every opportunity to let the crowd sing their butts off every time his mic pointed their way. This This was my second time seeing them perform live, the first only a few months ago at the Shaky Knees festival in Atlanta, Georgia. I can’t wait to see them again.

Be sure to check out Franz Ferdinand’s tour schedule for shows coming your way.

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