Photo Gallery: Full Gallery of Hamilton World Music Festival 2015

Rain Delayed and Shortened Day 1 of the second annual Hamilton World Music Festival.

AYRAD from Montreal

Novalima from Peru

Trinity Mpho from Botswana/Toronto

Day 2 of the Hamilton World Music Festival
With the sun shinning and the high humidity pushing the temerature into the fourtys, the park looked empty throughout the day. That is until you looked across the park and saw hundreds of people sitting on blankets under the trees trying to avoid the heat. As the day went on the crowds got larger but, as the sun went down the crowds flooded towards the stage filling up the park. As the sun went down and the lights came up the beat of the music grew the crowds were on their feet dancing and cheering for La Chiva Gantiva from Columbia/Belgium, and Pupy & Los Que Son Son from Cuba

Pupy & Los Que Son Son from Cuba

La Chiva Gantiva from Columbia and Belgium

Spiro from UK

Maya Kamati from Reunion Island

Pierre Kwenders from Congo and Montreal

Marco et Les Tovis from Quebec

Circle 5 from Toronto

Alfie Smith from Hamilton

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