Futuristic @ Livewire AZ – November 11th 2016


Internet star/Hip-Hop artist Futuristic came to Scottsdale, AV this past weekend.

The “As Seen On The Internet” Tour was a big hit out here. Along with him was DJ Kode Breaker, Beez, J-Rob the Chief & Ali Tomineek. All of these guys had a lot of energy. Beez is a character, he had jokes and pulled the crowd into them. J-Rob couldn’t help himself, he did a little crowd surfing and just stayed out there to perform. Ali did his “One Take” that caught the eye of Futuristic in the first place; he danced, rapped, and got the crowd moving.

It was a good show. So If this tour comes to your city, check it out. It’s what’s missing in music today.

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