Gojira + Tesseract @ The Vogue Theatre - October 9th 2016
Gojira + Tesseract @ The Vogue Theatre - October 9th 2016

Photo Gallery: Gojira + Tesseract @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – October 9th 2016

French heavy metal band Gojira stormed into town last night on The Magma Tour.

Openers, Tesseract, a British progressive metal band, started the show off on a instrumentally intense journey. With low lights and passionate vocals they swooned the crowd into a frenzy. setting up the night for Gojira to come in and just kill it.

I have been waiting a few years to see this foursome love, and I was not disappointed. With a minimal stage setup they blew the frigging roof of The Vogue Theatre.

Joe Duplantier on vocals, has a commanding persona and demands your attention. He reminded me of Michael Poulsen of Volbeat, sitting back with his guitar perched low to his waste, as he growled out his voracious lyrical assault.

I want both bands to come back to Vancouver tonight so I can do it all over again, and then tomorrow, and the next day and so on.

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