Edward Droste of Grizzly Bear at Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC on December 7th 2017
Edward Droste of Grizzly Bear at Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC on December 7th 2017

Grizzly Bear + serpentwithfeet @ Orpheum Theatre – December 7th 2017

For my last concert of 2017, I was granted access to photograph American rock band Grizzly Bear at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC.

I was introduced to the band’s music back in 2013, with the song “Yet Again” from their 2012 album Shields. I quickly found out I was late to the party, as this was the group’s fourth studio album.

Their entire catalogue was good, some of it wasn’t my cup of tea but this album, Shields, was phenomenal. It soon found a home on my main playlist and was in heavy rotation.

For this show, the opener was serpentwithfeet. A music experience presented as something called ‘pagan gospel’ by Josiah Wise. His vocals were beautiful. I was caught in many moments just staring and absorbing. His inter-song banter was sweet and made him even more endearing.

Grizzly Bear then came out and put on a solid performance. Once that saw them play through a career spanning set, though heavier on the most recent album, 2017’s Painted Ruins.

The delicate stage setup was visually unobtrusive, leaving the musicianship as the main focus.

I was left thoroughly impressed and thinking I really hope they would come back soon rather than later.

Grizzly Bear setlist
Four Cypresses
Losing All Sense
Yet Again
Fine for Now
Ready, Able
Sleeping Ute
Mourning Sound
Two Weeks
On a Neck, On a Spit
Three Rings
While You Wait for the Others

Sun in Your Eyes

Photos © Jamie Taylor \\ Cryptic Photography

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