Halestorm + Lita Ford + Dorothy @ MacEwan Hall - October 18th 2016
Halestorm + Lita Ford + Dorothy @ MacEwan Hall - October 18th 2016

Halestorm + Lita Ford + Dorothy @ MacEwan Hall – October 18th 2016

The crowd had assembled to take in probably one of the most powerful lineup of female rockers that held center stage. Dorothy opened the night, a Los Angles based band, who for good reason were on the bands you should know list put out by the Rolling Stones. Dorothy’s smokey vocal are captivating, and gave a solid performance.

Up next was the legendary Lita Ford. Or as it was put by guitarist Patrick Kennison, “The Legendary Lita Fucking Ford!” Lita lit up the stage switching guitars that she jokingly pointed out kept getting bigger and bigger. As she went through her set Lita reminisced about writing with Lemmy Kilmister (we miss you Lemmy), and called for the crowd to hold up their phone for “Close Your Eyes Forever”. Notable was the drum solo by Bobby Rock, in which not only would he push over sides on his drum kit to near topple, but concluding with several headbutts causing the front of his kit to rock forward each time.

Finally for the night Halestorm took the stage. Fronted by the charismatic and vocally intense Lzzy Hale. Hale dominated center stage with her powerful voice, and flawless guitar work. The crowd was electric. Lzzy asked the crowd how many had seen there last show in Calgary, to which the crowd erupted in cheers. It had been just under a year since Halestorm had played the very same stage as they were on as openers for Three Days Grace. This time however, it was their show, and without a doubt, shredded the stage to the pleasure of all those in attendance. While the ladies ruled the night, I will note that Arejay Hale performances are phenomenal. Halestorm belted out the like of mz. Hyde, It’s Not You, Apocalyptic, Mayhem, Miss the Misery, and I am the Fire.

So here is to the powerful ladies of rock, and to the incredible amount of talent to share the stage in a single night!

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