Hedley + Magic! + Chilliwack + Sway @ Bill Reid Millenium Amphitheathre – July 1st 2017

Hedley @ Bill Reid Millenium Amphitheatre - July 1st 2017

With this being the 150th anniversary of Canada, many cities through huge parties to commemorate the special occasion.

Among those in the Lower Mainland, Surrey’s Canada Day event had the best headlining bands with Hedley, Magic!, Chilliwack, and many more.

I spent the day walking around the event grounds, getting free things from the booths and indulging in various food trucks.

The main stage was positioned so that the sun was constantly shining into the eyes of the performers. This meant everything was well lit but that the performers were almost always squinting.

Aside from that, the bands were wonderful. They each played a small collection of their hits, which invoked a barrage of sing alongs from the massive crowd.

I really enjoyed this event and hope that the City of Surrey does more things like this. It is such a great open-air venue and should be used more regularly for events just like this.

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