Her Brothers @ The Roxy Cabaret - April 21st 2018
Her Brothers @ The Roxy Cabaret - April 21st 2018

Photo Gallery: Her Brothers + PARAVEL @ The Roxy Cabaret – April 21st 2018

PARAVEL, a pop rock band from Abbotsford, BC was the opening act for fellow local artists (and good friends) Her Brothers at The Roxy on April 21st.

The opened the night by debuting a new song entitled “Magic” and included several other original songs, along with a few cover songs from other artists that influence their music.

“If we weren’t PARAVEL, we’d be a Coldplay cover band!”, proclaimed frontman Patrick Jolicoeur during the show.

It was a very energetic and immersive show for the audience.  Lead singer Patrick Jolicoeur and guitarist Matt Taylor took turns standing on the stage railing as well as jumping off the stage to perform in the crowd.

PARAVEL also announced plans for a summer release of their first album. They describe their sound as “ranging from uplifting, energetic arena rock to oceanside acoustic intimations”.

Local band, Her Brothers, headlined a show at The Roxy in Vancouver on April 21st.
It’s a family affair for brothers Gabe (vocals, guitar), Josh (bass), and Levi (drums) … alongside their father Jonathan (keyboard).
It was a very high energy, up-close and sometimes interactive show for the fans.  with Gabe jumping off the stage, into the crowd, and then climbing up on the bar to sing to the crowd towards the back.
At one point both Gabe and Josh were standing – and walking along the stage railing at the same time – one jumping into the crowd and one back on stage.
Gabe also ventured into the bar area and performed while standing on the counter.  He even confiscated some phones that were recording him so he could sing into the phone.  Several from the audience forfeited their places to try to get closer to the action on the bar.  Even the PARAVEL band members, the opening act for the evening, were out for the set singing and dancing along.
The band has recently started going into the studio to record their second album following up their debut “SHE”.  The expected release date is October with the first single due for release in July.

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