Hip-Hop Halloween w/ Tech N9ne + 50 Cent + Trinidad James @ Rawhide Event Center – October 29th 2016

This had to be one of the better performances that I’ve captured. They let me shoot all over the place as much as I wanted.

Trinidad James opened the show and wasn’t feeling the stage, so he jumped off and went right into the crowd.
“I need to touch y’all” he even popped some champagne and shared it with the fans.

After that, 50 Cent and G-Unit members Tony Yayo & Kid Kid wrecked the place. Working the stage like a well-oiled machine, trading bars back and forth.

They did what felt like 20 songs all hits. “I’ve been doing’ this shit a long time,” said 50 as he sips his water, “I got nothing but hits, ha ha ha.”

Tech N9ne was about to perform and the audience is all but too ready for tech. Halloween is just another day for them.

The Strange Music Army knows what’s about to happen. Many of these fans have been to see his show every time he has come to town.

They’re so into the show they destroyed the barricades while performing Am I Psycho.

Caribou Lou vs Effen vodka a little playful dig! We got to see Kris unmasked, as he tell his own story about growing up in KC.

Then came everyone’s favorite part of the show Areola. In a word “NICE”.

If you’ve never been to a TECH N9NE show, there comes a time that the ladies lifts up their tops and show their breasts. Then ending the show with a TECH N9NE salute.

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