Hopsin @ Nokia Theatre © Holland Van Gores
© Holland Van Gores

Photo Gallery: Hopsin @ Nokia Theatre – November 7th 2015

I’m slightly ashamed to say that this was the first rap show I’ve ever attended, but hey, a Hopsin show isn’t a bad start. Downtown LA welcomed everyone’s favourite eery white contact-wearing rapper with open arms for the last day of his Funk Volume tour, which he had embarked on with fellow rappers Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton, along with DJ Hoppa spinnin’ beats in the back.

Hopsin didn’t end up hitting the stage until after 11pm, but there were no yawning fans in sight. Everyone in the venue immediately mirrored Hopsin’s jaunty presence the moment he broke out into robot dance to the tune of his song “The Pound”, which is the intro track on his newly released album, ‘Pound Syndrome’. I was patiently waiting for him to bust out “Ill Mind of Hopsin 5”, which is the very first song of his I ever heard a couple years back, and unarguably one of the most brutally honest tracks he’s ever recorded. Once he did, he proceeded to hop down to the audience and let them join in to rapping one of his most popular hits, all the while giving idolizing fans high fives and crowd surfing over all their heads. Undoubtedly one of my favourite moments of the show was when he invited up a stranger on stage who had sought out his help in proposing to his girlfriend, and Hopsin made that dream a reality. So not only is he extremely interactive with his fans, but he even helps them get hitched!

Hopsin is a unique rapper who has a deep mind and knows exactly how to put on an extraordinary show. I highly recommend seeing it in action and catching his concert if it ever makes a stop in your town.

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