Hucci @ Venue Nightclub – June 9th 2017

Hailing from Brighton, UK, Ollie O’Neill, better known by his alias Hucci, played to a lively sold-out crowd at Celebrities Nightclub on Friday, June 9th, 2017. Hucci, one of the originators of the electronic trap movement, graced the stage and audience with his mix of heavy bass and sharp snares. Hardcore fans were treated to many of his popular original tracks, as well as his notable remixes.

From start to stop the gathering of party-goers was ready to move and there were multiple occasions where bouncers had to break up all of the “bouncing” the crowd was doing. The energy was at a high from both the fans and Hucci himself. He did an excellent job playing to the attendees, calling out to people in the front row, engaging the entirety of the venue, even taking people’s phones and filming/taking pictures on their behalves. The biggest highlight of the night was when he brought out Vancouver-based producer and DJ Ekali to play a couple tracks back to back with him.

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