I Love The 90's Tour ft. TLC @ Talking Stick Resort Arena - July 22nd 2017
I Love The 90's Tour ft. TLC @ Talking Stick Resort Arena - July 22nd 2017

Photo Gallery: I Love The 90’s Tour ft. TLC + BlackStreet + Rob Base + Biz Markie @ Talking Stick Resort Arena – July 22nd 2017

The I Love The 90’s Tour came to Talking Stick in Phoenix, AZ this weekend.

Headlining the tour was TLC, featuring BlackStreet and Biz Markie. The lineup changes depending on which town you’re in; Naughty By Nature, Vanilla Ice, Montell Jordan, Young MC, Rob Base, and many more are in the rotation.

Well, we got All 4 One, C&C Music Factory, Biz Markie, Rob Base, and BlackStreet along with the headliners.

Let me just say the show was great and we got there a little late.

Biz was the rappin’ clown we all love. Changing from his trademark Biz Markie t-shirt into a purple Prince tee, he then started to sing “KISS” way off key.

Rob Base is still out here looking young on stage and moving the crowd with his hits.

BlackStreet sold the show being that they were the only R&B act.

They kept in step with each other, like a well-oiled machine. A lot of high notes were hit and Chauncey, aka “Black”, jumped off the stage with flowers in hand and ran through the area singing “Who Wants A Rose?”.

TLC, T-Boz & Chilli; what could you say about these ladies. After all these years they still put it down!

The lights and the videos on stage were like you were in one of their videos.

Everyone was singing along like they were home listening to the CD.

Not only can TLC still sing but their dancing was on point.

Great show once again, definitely go when they come to your city.


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