Imagine Dragons @ Scotiabank Saddledome – October 11th 2017

The smoke began to thickened as the intro video plade on a 3panel video wall. Dan Reynold emerged from the wall of smoke to stand centre stage looking downward, and breaking into “I Don’t Know Why”, and the smoke slowly began to clear as Reynolds play a floor tom. The band moved into “It’s Time” where at the conclusipo of the song Reynolds gave a passionate speech about the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, which stuck all too close to home to the Las Vegas native. He dedicated the song to all those effected, and stated that Las Vegas would be close to his hear throughout the tour.

It was a heartfealt night, with a wonderful performance by the imaging Dragons.


I Don’t Know Why
It’s Time
(Dedicated to the victims of the Las Vegas shootings)
Whatever It Takes
I’ll Make It Up to You
Mouth of the River
Start Over
(In memory of Chester)
Rise Up
I’m So Sorry
On Top of the World
B stage
I Won’t Back Down
(Tom Petty cover)
Bleeding Out
A stage
I Bet My Life
Walking the Wire

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