In This Moment + Hollywood Undead + Of Mice and Men + Avatar @ MacEwan Hall – November 4th 2017

It was a sold out night at MacEwan Hall, whcih should be given the lignup should be not surprise. Leading off the night for all the “Freaks” was Avatar. A metal band based out of Gothenburg, Sweeden. Johannes Eckerström and crew took the stage looking like Ringmasters from the carnival, along with theatrical mannarism, proved to be very entertaining, and alone work the price of admission. They were followed by Of Mice and Men the metalcore band based out of Orange County a, California. Who midway through their set managed to get the entire audience to crouch down to the floor before springing back up. A solid set.

The Hollywood Undead was the third act tonight. Pyro, masks, and huge crowd participation, was the order for the night. The Hollywood Undead brough up a young man (all of maybe 7) to come help them out on stage. “Nate” almost stole the show. When asked by Charlie Scene who was his favorite member of the group, Nate simply responed you. That earned him a pair of sunglasses, and a Nate rocked out with the band for two song, before the Hollywood Undead reluctantly gave Charlie’s new best freind back to the boys father in the audience.

Finally In This Moment took the satge in what was a show filled with crazy smoke, lighting, and fantastic visuals throughout. Maria Brink was truely captivatingsigning from the centre of her pentagram, with smoke swirling around her like a tornado. Multiple wardrobe changes and a larger than life stage precense kept the crowd captivated.

Overall a fantastic show, a must see line-up.

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