Jessie Reyez @ The Vogue Theater – October 16 2018

Supporting her second album “Being Human In Public” Jessie Reyez dazzled through an ever-expanding set of hits last week at the Vogue Theater to what must have been a sold out crowd (the line extending down the street at one point!).

While Jessie started low key – hat down, hoodie firmly in place – her energy and enthusiasm hit higher and higher notes as she worked through “F*** Being Friends” and “One Kiss.” Halfway through her set she changed the pace, stopping the show to engage the crowd before her inspirational and self-referential track “Gatekeeper,” speaking to the #metoo movement and the situations she couldn’t believe she had to work past and hoped no one in the crowd would ever have to experience.

“Shutter Island,” “Figures” and “Body Count” are arguably her biggest hits to date and they closed out the night on a high note. It was an incredible concert and we cant wait to hear what she has in store for us next!

Want to relive the concert? Here is Jessie’s Set List from Vancouver:

  1. Dear Yessie
  2. Apple Juice
  3. F*** Being Friends
  4. One Kiss
  5. Imported
  6. Great One
  7. GateKeeper
  8. Nice Guy
  9. Shutter Island
  10. Body Count
  11. Figures
  12. Fuck It
  13. Blue Ribbon

Jason Martin is a semi-professional semi-enthusiast (enthusiastic?) Canadian photographer who prefers Nikon, artists who perform under more than a single, purple (or blue/green/red) LED light on stage, and wishes you the best of luck looking for his social media accounts.

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