John Mellencamp @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre – July 18th 2015

Photos of John Mellencamp at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver BC Canada on July 18th 2015 © RMS Media

Grammy award winner and Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer John Mellencamp Stopped by the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for the Vancouver performance of his 2015 Plain Spoken North American Tour on Saturday July 18th. I’ve had the privilege of attending several Mellencamp performances , everything from large arenas to more intimate venues like the Queen E. & to see him in a theatre setting is a real treat and he did not disappoint. I loved the crowd interaction and his “remember when” stories.

Set List:
1. Lawless Times
2. Troubled Man
3. Minutes to Memories
4. Small Town
5. Stones in My Passway
6. Human Wheels
7. The Isolation of Mister
8. Check It Out
9. Longest Days
10. Jack & Diane
11. The Full Catastrophe
12. Away From This World
a. (with Carlene Carter)
13. Tear This Cabin Down
a. (with Carlene Carter)
14. Overture
15. Rain on the Scarecrow
16. Paper in Fire
17. If I Die Sudden
18. Crumblin’ Down
19. Authority Song
20. Pink Houses
21. Cherry Bomb
No Encore

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