Jonny Lang @ The Commodore Ballroom – November 29th 2017

Jonny Lang played an intense set at the Commodore Ballroom, Pleasing a full crowd that punctuated itself with exclamations of “Jonnyyyyy!” and “Oh yeah, Jonny LANG!” all night in between Lang’s extended blues jams through the show. Intense as it was, he even broke a string while duelling-soloing with guitarist (and incidentally, also the show’s opener) Zane Carney during the main-set-ending “Angel of Mercy.” He just laughed and shrugged it off, and shortly his guitar tech emerged with a replacement guitar once the solo escapades were done. Some of his older songs he is notorious for being ‘unable to listen to’ and he claimed to us that he didn’t know what he was writing about at the time[when he was 15 years old], so he ended up really reimagining them live. 20 years on, his mostly-acoustic, newly-arranged version of his massive breakout hit “Lie To Me” was incredibly different. The man has an amazing gravelly wail and sluices around the stage with a face full of concentration. Good night all around!

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