Journey @ Rogers Arena - July 11th 2015
Journey @ Rogers Arena - July 11th 2015

Photo Gallery: Journey + Vortex @ Rogers Arena, Vancouver – July 11th 2015

I can tell you right now that I am a huge Journey fan. I love the hits and the rarities. Its hard not to get drawn in when you hear those vocals race through your ears.

My favorite song is Don’t Stop Believin’. It may not be a surprise because it has an almost cult level of admiration throughout the planet but it returns to me an almost child like state, and I start to lose my mind. I request it as the closing song at any wedding I attend. I can tell you right now there is lots of footage out there of this man dancing and singing his heart out to this song at about 2am, when the beverages have been flowing quite heavily.

The night at Rogers Arena started with Vortex fronted by Neal “Vortex” Schon of Journey. It really acted like the warm up for Neil to get set for the main course.

Journey, fronted by Arnel Pineda, stormed the stage and played hit after hit. The light show was stupendous and Arnel brought an contagious charisma that had the entier venue drawn to him.

It was a high flying, mic stand tossing, extravaganza layered with an intense light tapestry that hide everyone wide eyed and in awe.

This was on helluva show.

Do not miss Journey. EVER!



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