Jungle @ Commodore Ballroom – May 21st 2015

Jungle @ The Commodore Ballroom Vancouver © Jamie Taylor

When I first heard the London based music collective known as Jungle, I knew they would take up a lot of space in my future playlists.

Their sound is rich and full. A multi-layered, bumping dance-off that enters your ears and leaves through your tapping toes or shaking hips.

They brought a visual majesty to the Commodore Ballroom on Thursday. The stage was a constant wash of solid color. It was simple but impactful.

The band was solid as hell too. They never missed a beat, or a mark, or anything. Everything was seamless, and they were working their asses off.

It was also great to see how much the band was enjoying themselve. They were up their dancing to their own beats, and smiling away through the shadows and monochromatic washes.

If you are in a town with an upcoming Jungle show, you need to drop what you are doing and buy a ticket. If they are sold out, you need to lineup at the box office and hope for a ticket drop. Jungle is the real deal. I think I am in love.

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