k. flay at commodore ballroom in vancouver on januar 21st 2018..
k. flay at commodore ballroom in vancouver on januar 21st 2018..

K. Flay + Sir Sly @ The Commodore Ballroom – January 21st 2018

I originally saw K. Flay open for Imagine Dragons at Rogers Arena in October of 2017.

This wasn’t the first I had heard of her, but it was the first time I had seen her live.

K. Flay is one of those artists that you know just has to make it big; the talent, the energy, the commitment to the live performance, she is just operating on another level.

On Sunday night, I showed up a little early so I could check out the opening band; L.A.-natives Sir Sly. I was completely blown away by their set. Their style of show so closely mimicked that of K. Flay that it was easy to see why they were billed together. They had over-the-top energy and the lead singer is completely charismatic and captivating. Everything was about movement and deep beats, they were so fun.

When K. Flay and her bandmates came out, the audience was on the verge of an all-in dance party.

It took two songs, after that the venue was alive with the stomping feet of a unified dancing crowd.

The stage was lit with strobes and textured with streams of stage smoke. Ms. Flay worked around in a fury of movements, leaving your ears honed in, your rocking hips locked on, and your eyes affixed.

Such a fantastic show. I hope both bands come back again very soon.

Photos © Jamie Taylor // Cryptic Photography

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