Kaiser Chiefs + Priory @ Commodore Ballroom – April 21st 2015

Kaiser Chiefs @ Commodore Ballroom Vancouver © Jamie Taylor

Kaiser Chiefs

The Kaiser Chiefs are one of those live bands that I can never get enough of. Ricky Wilson is a charismatic, ball of energy that syncs into the music and lets it take over his very being. He is one of the best front people in the world. This night was no different. He was jumping all over that stage, standing on the fence to sing to the crowd, and getting everyone worked up. It was awesome. They need to come to Canada way more often. 3 years between shows not nearly enough.


Priory is a band I had no experience with until this show. They are from Portland, OR, and their music is a bit rock, a bit alternative and a bit explosive. The band put on an amazing performance. The lead singer and the guitarists were all so emotive and expressive. It wasn’t a case of one person carrying the energy, or your eyes. I found myself watching many members of the band as they fell into the music and displayed their personas for us all to see. Great band, hope to see them again soon.

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