Kate Boy @ The Biltmore Cabaret – November 17th 2015

Kate Boy, with special guest The Response, played to a nearly full house at the biltmore cabaret this week. Its only fair at this point that I mention that I have no idea how many people the Biltmore can hold, and that I know “nearly full” is the very best sort of vague! But everyone there could be found on the dance floor for the entire set. It was the right kind of packed.

If you are into synth or electro-pop styled EDM Kate Boy might be the new group for you. This isn’t their first crack at the lower mainland, having played the Biltmore way back in September of 2013. If she comes back again, and based on the atmosphere during her latest visit, she will, get tickets before they sell out! Because they will, and they should, and I’ll see you there.

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