Rachael Price of Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive @ The Imperial – March 1st 2016

I have never seen The Imperial so full before.

Full disclosure: I’ve never been to The Imperial before. Lets not over-think this – this is a photography blog on a concert website, I take photos because, ooh, shiney! – but my point is this: The Imperial could not have held more people. The floor is a solid wall of people. There are women sitting politely on the tables, men standing on their benches against the wall to get a good view. Everyone talking to the face a few sweaty inches from their own, happily, about what to expect; about how much they love jazz, about how much they love good soul music backed by talented musicians.

About how much they love. Lake. Street. Dive.

The atmosphere for the entire night was upbeat, and engaging, and more than anything else authentic. The Suffers, who’s lead singer Kam Franklin played to the crowd during their entire set (Who are we? THE SUFFERS! Where are we from…) and set the stage for Lake Street Dive to take it up a notch.

Lake Street Dive cover a lot of genres, a lot of techniques and a lot of emotions. They are hard to pin down, but they are incredible. The band itself is worth the price of admission, and the vocals? Simply said, Rachael Price is a wonder.

Here are some photos of her.


Jason Martin is a non-professional, semi-enthusiast (enthusiastic?) Canadian photographer who owns a camera, likes music, italics and quotation marks. He also has twitter and Instagram, good luck finding them without links!

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