Live Review: Deap Vally + LA Witch @ The Pearl, Vancouver – November 18th 2023

Tonight’s performance at The Pearl in Vancouver marked not just a concert but a poignant moment in rock history as Deap Vally graced the stage for their farewell tour. The atmosphere was charged with both excitement and a tinge of nostalgia as fans gathered to witness the duo’s final live act. LA Witch’s opening set was a fitting prelude, blending seamlessly with the anticipation in the air.

As Deap Vally took the stage, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards poured their hearts into every note. Troy’s vocals soared with intensity, complemented by Edwards’ powerhouse drumming.

Adding to the farewell tour’s uniqueness, Deap Vally took the audience on a nostalgic journey by performing their first album, Sistrionix, in its entirety. The decision to re-record the album added a fresh perspective to familiar tracks, showcasing the duo’s evolution while paying homage to their roots.

As the first album’s notes reverberated through The Pearl, fans experienced a fusion of familiarity and novelty. Lindsey Troy’s vocals, now seasoned by years of experience, breathed new life into the lyrics, and Julie Edwards’ drumming maintained its signature vigor. It was a deliberate choice that not only celebrated their musical origins but also highlighted the growth and maturity achieved since the album’s initial release.

The farewell tour wasn’t just a goodbye; it was a celebration of Deap Vally’s contribution to the rock scene. The crowd reciprocated with an outpouring of energy, creating an electric connection between the band and their fans. Each song felt like a cherished memory, a reminder of the impact Deap Vally has had on the music landscape.

Amidst the cheers and applause, there was an undeniable bittersweet undertone. The farewell tour wasn’t just about the end; it was about acknowledging the musical legacy Deap Vally leaves behind. The final notes resonated, echoing the sentiment that this was more than a concert—it was a farewell to an era of dynamic rock, leaving the audience with a mix of elation and a touch of melancholy.

Photos © Lukas Holt

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