Lost Lake Festival 2017 @ Steele Indian Park – October 20th-22nd 2017

The 1st Annual Lost Lake Festival at Steele Indian Park in Central Phoenix may have been the multicultural event of the year.

Performances included 80’s Rock from Huey Lewis and the News, New Zealand’s Indie Pop duo The Broods, and current names in hip-hop, Chance The Rapper and Run The Jewels to name a few.

With this line-up, you could not expect a more diverse crowd at the festival this weekend.

You were reminded how music brings humanity together.

People enjoyed music, food, and the arts during the well-organized event.

Getting to the location was convenient and easy. Security from the rail station to the stages was present and made the crowd feel safe. If the organizers could duplicate their efforts next year with different performing…I’ll be there.

Words by Heather Hall

Photos © Duane Carter

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