Lupe Fiasco @ Livewire AZ – November 13th 2016


Some of you may only know Lupe Fiasco from his many Twitter beefs, but he’s a passionate man; a real thinker. That’s why we haven’t heard any new music from him since early 2015. Tetsuo & Youth and before that it was 2012’s Food & Liquor 2. However long it has been when he took that stage none of that mattered.

He engaged the audience getting into a zone, rocking back in forth with his dreads playing their part in the visual performance.

It’s been 10 years since Kick Push dropped, and I remember one of Lupe’s first tours where he came to New York. I was just starting to get into concert photography with my Nikon D70 and I went backstage to cover this young guy who was humble and fun to be around.

I’ve covered his shows 2 more times since then and he is still the same guy, just with a lot more hair.

Performing with him was a young man by the name of “The Boy From Illinois”. He’s a smooth dude, Lupe picked him up back in 2013 and has been on the team ever since. Making the girls go crazy. After his set, this dude went straight out into the crowd and hung out, taking pictures and having drinks. No Hollywood shit for this boy.

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