Mac DeMarco @ Malkin Bowl – May 27th 2016

Mac DeMarco @ Malkin Bowl - May 27th 2016

Mac DeMarco is a Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer.

Over the last two or three years, he has torn up the music scene, releasing a huge body of music on to the world.

The industry has embraced him with open arms, as he drops track after track of truly unique and intriguing alt rock.

I have tried to shoot him for years now, but every time he has been in town on a night that conflicts with my whereabouts, until now.

Last night under the grey, drizzling skies of Vancouver, Mac DeMarco put on lovely set for the masses.

The only true hiccup of the night was when the barricade for the audience seemed to fail, and ended up being pressed up against the stage.

Luckily enough, from what I could see, everyone went uninjured and the night of drift-away tunes took us on a smiling journey.

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