Macklemore & Ryan Lewis @ PNE Forum – May 25th 2016

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis @ PNE Forum - May 25th 2016

I have been impressed by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ever since they released their 2012 studio album The Heist. Songs like Thrift Store and Same love are just so nice in the ear.

Then in February they released This Unruly Mess I’ve Made, which brought the world some new megatracks to consume. The super-hit Downtown featuring Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam serving up a Freddie-Mercury-esque bridge is one of my true guilty pleasures. It is sickly sweet, but how can you not love that track; it is fantastic.

Since then I have been counting the minutes to see them hit Vancouver.

Their set on May 25th at the PNE Forum was energetic and contagiously dancy. Macklemore has a great ability to make things feel really personal in such a large venue.

I walked out of the show feeling that my hunger had been satiated, that Seattle legend had delivered.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis earned another check-off in my books. They had the venue swaying back and forth, and I suspect no one left with a sweatless brow or ear-to-ear grin.

Here are my photos from the night. I wanted to point out that I made a poor decision early on in the 3-song shooting window, and chose to go with a wide-angle lens right off the bat. I should have stayed with a telephoto through the whole set. Macklemore was moving back and forth across the stage quite quickly, and limiting myself to the wide-angle, limited me to shooting only when he was at the side of the stage I was restricted to. Next time I will go telephoto the whole time.

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