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Photo Gallery: Marc Maron + Ashley Barnhill @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – May 9th 2015

What a night, the show started with the very funny Ashley Barnhill. Her set was pretty quick but considering that they were doing 2 shows that night it’s understandable. Short set or not I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out for her, I suspect she’ll be killing it on the comedy circuit.

This was my first live Marc Maron show and I’m now kicking myself for not seeing him earlier. I can say with confidence that this was the funniest comedy performance of my life. The first show of the night had a very special moment that Marc has already been tweeting and talking about on his blog. In short, the moment consisted of Marc being heckled by a 18 month old baby. Yup, that’s right, a baby. I recommend going to his blog to hear more.

Marc Maron

Ashley Barnhill

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