Marching Church @ Kings - February 1st 2017
Marching Church @ Kings - February 1st 2017

Marching Church + Bernardino Femminielli + Essex Muro @ Kings – February 1st 2017

Marching Church closed out 2016 with the release of a dramatic and focused new album, Telling It Like It Is, and carried the momentum into 2017 with a headlining US tour. Marching Church began as a solo outlet for Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, the frontman of punk band Iceage. With the release of Telling It Like It Is, Marching Church is no longer a solo effort as Rønnenfelt has fully assimilated his musical conspirators into the lineup, including members of Hand Of Dust, Lower, and even poaching from his other band Iceage. With the band in the homestretch of their concentrated set of US dates, they stopped at Kings in Raleigh, NC.

Marching Church hit the stage in Raleigh like a bull released from the chute at a Rodeo. The band led by frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt came out and grabbed the audience by the collar and refused to let go! Working through songs from Telling It Like It Is and This World Is Not Enough, the band played with a blistering experimental focus. Rønnenfelt was all over the stage singing with intensity and often at the front engaging the crowd. His singing ranged from an ethereal falsetto to a deep moaning growl. The music was expertly delivered with an aural assault that challenged the crowd and shook away any complacency. Marching Church took their recorded work and elevated it, they delivered a solid energized set that defied the audience to look away. This is a band that has to be experienced live. The music and the performance were a visceral adventure that left the crowd at Kings wondering what just happened… If you get a chance to see Rønnenfelt and his bandmates, do not pass it by.

The show was opened by Essex Muro a local psychedelic punk band who played a set of hard edged shoegaze songs that started the evening with an aggressive attitude that led into the performance artistry of Benardino Femminielli. Femminielli delivered a set of songs that projected an exaggerated gay sensuality with a Serge Gainsbourg musical sensibility and delivery.

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