Photo Gallery: Metric @ Edmonton Convention Centre – April 21st 2019

Canadian rock band Metric stopped by Edmonton on Sunday night for their Art of Doubt tour. Opening up with the classic and catchy single “Dead Disco,” Metric gave the crowd another Easter weekend treat with their electric performance.


  1. Dead Disco
  2. Twilight Galaxy
  3. Synthetica
  4. Risk
  5. Breathing Underwater
  6. Art of Doubt
  7. No Lights on the Horizon
  8. Cascades
  9. Dressed to Suppress
  10. Love is a Place
  11. Underline the Black
  12. Gimme Sympathy
  13. Sick Muse
  14. Gold Guns Girls
  15. Dark Saturday
  16. Monster Hospital
  17. Black Sheep
  18. Help I’m Alive
  19. Now or Never Now

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