Milky Chance + Giant Rooks @ Orpheum Theatre – November 22nd 2021

Picture this: you are sitting at home in your pyjamas, ready for an evening in when all of a sudden you receive an email. Surprise! You are shooting a concert. I welcomed this surprise with open arms, I had not had the chance of photographing a concert since the beginning of COVID-19, back in February of 2020. I am thrilled this was my first concert back!

Giant Rooks opened the concert. Their catchy beats spread across the room, and they hooked the crowd with their contagious energy and unwavering passion, earning them a standing ovation at the end of their set. Now, we were all ready to welcome Milky Chance with open arms.

Milky Chance came in with a BANG and had everyone in the venue dancing from the second they began playing until the very end! The band played an amazing show (which was also live-streamed, BTW) and made the hour and a half they played feel like five minutes.

If you have never seen these artists play a show, I highly recommend you do so as soon as you can!

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